Arc-fault Detector

Brief introduction:
The arc-fault detector is used in detecting the arc-fault in PV strings and bus bar. When arc-fault is detected, the detector sends a signal to the combiner box or inverter. By applying Fonrich technology, it is capable to shut down the PV plants automatically and immediately as arc-fault is detected.

Integrate into Fonrich combiner box monitoring system (refer to the upper right picture)
Integrated in Inverter: recommend Fonrich inverter, can also work with non-Fonrich inverter
Customize an Arc-fault Detection Box: the box can receive information delivered by detector

Advantage of Using Arc-fault Detector
Certificated by UL 1699B standards: The first and only arc-fault detector in China and the fifth in the world
Modular design: each detector has 4 channels; each combiner box integrates 6 detectors at most
Highly adjustable in various systems: the detector provide open leakage signal
Through-hole design: channels work separately without interferences
Easy installation: installed onto the 35mm-width rail, which is an essential part of combiner box