Brief Introduction:
The Combiner Box Monitoring System is used to monitor the working status of every PV string and send the status data to the monitor center of the PV power plant through field bus or industrial wireless.

Directly integrated in the combiner box. Arc-fault detection is an optional function which can be added to the system.

Advantage of Fonrich Combiner Box Monitoring System
Comprehensive functions: measuring real-time current, voltage, and temperature. Monitoring the status of anti-thunder device, shunt tripping device, and etc. Sending information through field bus or industrial wireless. Match up with Fonrich app for real-time monitoring.
User-friendly surface: LCD screen; histogram display of each module enables direct observation
Easy installation: the major control box and Hall sensors are installed onto the 35mm-width rail, which is an essential part of combiner box
Highest EMC level
No need for external power supply: acquire electricity directly from DC bus